27 July 2009

Profile of Julia "Hot" Perez Jupe

Julia Perez often called Jupe, was born on June, 15th 1980, her child name was Yuli Rachmawati. She is dangdut singer, model, cinema television player, and also a presenter. Julia Perez known popular because she often wear sexy clothes so people called her as sex bomb.

Personal Life
Jupe is woman Sunda-Betawi parentage. She married with Damien Perez in France, on October 7th 2002. Even she have married with Damien Perez, both haven't gave child. Her married got problem when she in early 2009, looked close with soccer player from Argentina, who played for Persiba Soccer Club, Gaston Castano. Recently Jupe decided divorce from her husband, but her desire got problem cause her married status listed in France, so she must handle it to France government.

Career History

Jupe started her career from practising became secretary in private company and got chance continued her education in Holand. Then She met with male model named Damien Perez, and then became her husband, opened her opportunity displayed as model in FHM and Maxim magazine in France. Therefore Jupe got nominated as 100 sexiest woman by FHM and Maxim magazine. In Indonesia, she started popular when she played roles in many cinema televisons, such as Cinta Lokasi, Komedi Nakal, Penjaga Pantai, Lepas Malam, Maafkan Aku, Rahasia Ilahi, Hidayah, Doa, Mimpi Manis and Perempuan Teraniaya. Beside cinema television she also played in the movies such as Susahnya Jadi Perawan, Beranak Dalam Kubur, The Saman, Hantu Jamu Gendong, Sumpah, (Ini) Pocong! Kuntilanak Kamar Mayat, Bukan Cinta Biasa, and Mau Dong Ah.

On April 2008, Jupe started fully involved in music industry specialy dangdut music. She released her first album titled Kamasutra. In This album she did polemic problem. She included condom in her first album. Even she did that to support Birth Control (KB), but many people assumed her action was way to support free sex. Even Women ministery said that it was a way to support free sex. Therefore she got forbidden from some region in Indonesia such as Nusa Tenggara Barat, Riao, Palembang, Balikpapan and Bengkulu.

Kamasutra (2008)

Cinema Television
Cinta Lokasi
Rahasia Ilahi
Komedi Nakal
Mimpi Manis

Nagabonar Jadi 2 (2007)
Coklat Stroberi (2007)
Beranak Dalam Kubur (2007)
Susahnya Jadi Perawan (2008)
Basahhh... (2008)
The Shaman (2008)
Hantu Jamu Gendong (2009)
Sumpah, (Ini) Pocong! (2009)
Kuntilanak Kamar Mayat (2009)
Bukan Cinta Biasa (2009)
Mau Dong Ah (2009)

source :id.wikipedia.org

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21 July 2009

Bunga Citra Lestari-BCL Profile & Sexy Photos

Bunga Citra Lestari was born in March 22, 1983, popular name is BCL. She is a singer and actress in cinema television and also in Indonesian film. Daughter from couple Muchlis Rusli and Emmy Syarif spent her junior high school in Lhokseumawe, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and then moved to Jakarta. Her hit singles titled Sunny became soundtrack for Cinta Pertama film. She had duet with PAS Band, which was the beginning of her career in music industry.


Her career began from cinema television. Cenama television which she ever played were ABG, Senandung Masa Puber, Dari Temen Jadi Demen, Penjaga Hati.

She also tried in music industry. Her hit single was Aku Tak Mau Sendiri. Song titled Cinta Pertama (Sunny) which a soundtrack from Cinta Pertama film made Bunga Citra Lestari became popular. Song created by Dewiq made Bunga's dream achieved. Her Solo Album sold over than 75.000 copies only in 2 weeks. BCL also got succesed with Ari Lasso duet in hit single Aku dan Dirimu, in The Best of Ari Lasso album.

Personal Life
Bunga as other person, also have persola life. She married with Ashraf Sinclair, an actor from Malaysian and also son of a millionare in November 8, 2008. Luxury reception and exclusive held in 2 countries, Indonesia and Malaysia. After married, Bunga still develop her acting talent and supported by her husband. Even, they played together in romantic film, Saus Kacang released in 2008.

Bunga's Achievements

Music Album
Cinta Pertama (2006)
Tentang Kamu (2008)

Compilation Album
Ost. Dealova (2005-Saat Kau Pergi)
The Best of (2007)- Ari Lasso's Album, Aku dan Dirimu

Cinta Pertama (2006)
Kangen (2007)
Aku Tak Sendiri
Ada Kamu, Aku Ada (2008)
Saus Kacang (2008)

source : id.wikipedia.org

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Bunga's Film Poster


17 July 2009

Revalina S Temat Actress of Film and Cinema Television

Revalina S Temat was born in Jakarta, November 26th 1985. She is cinema television star and Indonesian model. Daughter from couple Sayuti Temat and Rachmaniar became popular whenever she played in Bawang Merah Bawang Putih.
Reva is the third child from 4 brothers, started her career as favorite winner in Gadis's Cover Magazine Election in 1999, after that she develepoed her career in modeling, cinema television and also films. Some cinema televisions has been stared such as Percikan (2001), Sangkuriang (2003), Cintaku di Kampus Biru 2 (2003-2004), Bawang Merah Bawang Putih, Dicintai, Hikmah 2, Kembang Surga and rahasia Perkawinan.

In 2006, Reva tried to increased her ability in the film. She stared Pocong 2. In This film, Reva played as Maya, woman which in her daily life met with pocong, even had lover as pocong.

This Ringgo Agus Rahman's girlfriend more increased her commitment in acting in the film by played main role in Perempuan Berkalung Sorban (PBS). This film directed by Hanung Bramantyo, and inspired from Abidah Al Khalieqy's novel which told figthing and sacrifice of muslimah named Annisa roled by Reva.

Reva's Achievements

Favorit Winner in GADIS Cover 1999 (Gadis magazine),

Clear (sniper version),
Relaxa (party with DJ Winky version),
Red A (2 version).

Cinema Televisions

Percikan (2001)
Sangkuriang (2003)
Cintaku di Kampus Biru 2 (2003-2004)
JP (2004)
Asyiknya Pacaran
Bawang Merah Bawang Putih
Dara Manisku
Kumpul Bocah
Rahasia Perkawinan
Hikmah 2
Kembang Surga
Cinta dengan Luka (2002) FTV
Gerangan Cinta (2003) FTV

Video Clip

Kupilih Dia - Cokelat (2004)
Lebih Dekat Denganmu (Juwita) - Yovie & The Nuno


Pocong 2 (2006)
Cintaku Forever (2007). Bermain bersama dengan pemain film Malaysia, Yusri KRU.
Oh My God (2008)
Perempuan Berkalung Sorban (2009)
Wakil Rakyat (2009)

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Reva's Film Poster


15 July 2009

Titi Kamal Beautiful Famous Actress-Profile and Photos

Kuniaty Kamalia or well knowns as Titi Kamal was born in Jakarta Indonesia on Desember 7th, 1981. She play in cinema television and also in film. Woman with height 169 cm has been played in Ada Apa Dengan Cinta film and played in cinema television titled Cinta Anak Kampus, Chanda and Pura-pura Buta. Her name became popular whenever she sang song titled Jablai and became top hit. Cause her comittment as an actress, Titi sang that song only special for Mendadak Dangdut film, and never do perform or sing it in other place.

Personal Life

Titi is youngest child from five brother from couple H. Kamal Badri and Elly Rosniati, came from Palembang and Bengkulu. When she was studying in SMUN 48, Titi actived in theater activities, so until now she loves the arts very much. After had succesed in career, Titi also started her new life as a wife from Christian Sugiono. They married on February 6th, 2009 in Perth Australia.

Titi Kamal's Achievements

Video Clip

Jamrud - Puteri (1996)
Iwa K - Malam Indah (1998)
Neo - Tono Tini (2000)
Dewa - Separuh Nafas (2001)
Chrisye - Andai Aku Bisa (2001)
Slank - I Miss U But I Hate U (2002)
Mr. TV - Terbayang (2002)
Iwan Fals - Aku Bukan Pilihan (2003)
Iwan Fals - Senandung Lirih (2003)
Marcel - Mendendam (2005)


ABC Tea (1997)
Permen Tanggo (1997)
Coca-cola ( 1997)
Biskuit Timtam (1999 & 2007)
Tissue Paseo (1999)
Sangobion (2000)
La Tulipe
Shampo Pantene (2004-2005)
Mie Sedap (2007)
Indosat IM3 (2007)
Makarizo (2008)
Love Juice (2009)
Homy Ped (2009)

Cinema Television

Bolak Balik Sip (1996)
Kasmaran (1997)
Janji Hati (1998)
Cerita Cinta (1999)
Kembang Padang Kelabu (2000)
Lilin Kecil (2002)
Gibah – kiram
Cinta Anak Kampus (2003)
Chanda (2004)
Pura-Pura Buta (2005)
Hantu Jatuh Cinta (2005)
Pembantu Milyarder (2007)
Muslimah (2008)


Tragedi (2001)
Ada Apa dengan Cinta? (2002)
Eiffel I'm in Love (2003)
Mendadak Dangdut (2006)
D.O - Drop Out (2008)
Tri Mas Getir (2008)
Tipu Kanan Tipu Kiri (2008)
Doa Yang Mengancam (2008)
Barbi3 (2008)


First Winner in Aneka's Cover Girl, 1997
New Comer Actress Nomination from Bandung Film Forum (FFB) in 2002, (serial mini ‘Lilin Kecil’)
10 Best Dress Artists Nomination on Februari 2002
Best Video Clip Model from MTV Music Awards 2002, (Slank I Miss U But I Hate U)
Character Female 2003, Aneka Yess Magazine
Favorite Support Actress in MTV Movie Awards 2004 (in Eiffel I’m In Love)
Favorite Support Actress in Cinemags Movie Awards 2005 (in Eiffel I’m In Love)
Compliment Actress from Bandung Film Festival (FFB) 2005 (in cinema television Chanda)
Best Female Role in MTV Movie Awards 2006
Best Couple in Indonesian Movie Awards 2007 (with Kinaryosih)
Favorite Couple in Indonesian Movie Awards 2007 (withKinaryosih)
Best Favorite Actress Singer in Indonesian Movie Awards 2007 (in Mendadak Dangdut)

Music Album

Lebih Baik Sendiri (Februari 2009)

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Titi's Films Poster


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